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This is Ethacien - A Beautiful Strategy RPG. Navigate through haunted places, battle evil monsters and find hidden chests. Improve your attack and defense skills to defeat powerful enemies and bosses! Collect keys to open new doorways on your way to unravelling a shadowy plot.

For a thousand years, the kingdom of Thianeris knew only peace. The people knew nothing of hunger or strife. Content in their lives the people where unaware of the greed and power growing amongst a small group of priests. With plans to overthrow the kingdom the priests formed a powerful guild of thieves and villains to spread rumours and cause mistrust in the politico. The priest's selfishness came to fruition as civil war broke. With distrust as their weapon the priests took the northern cites as the southern cities banded together and formed a faction. Thus a 20-year civil war of once friends and neighbors killing each other in ever more violent clashes.

The King believed in an ancient magic and so he sent his most trusted warriors to retrieve the required elements. The first of the elements are seven sacred stones protected by seven sacred birds. Once collected peace may once again be restored.

Pronounced "Eth as sin". Ethacien The name of an elegant almost ethereal being. Said to be the creator of the seven stones placed throughout the land as a symbol of peace to unite the people. As with the stones the Ethacien has passed into legend. But still ancient monuments and dark forbidden places attest to people's devotion to the Ethacien and her unquestionable sway over their lives.

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